Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Guardian still in Fleet Street

I may be beginning to understand where the Guardian is at. I don't buy it every day but am still waiting for some accurate coverage of Jeremy Corbyn. They still don't report his positive views on the EU.

Meanwhile they are finding space for views inside the Conservative Party. Ian Birrell has written about how Cameron could just get rid of the problem Brexit ministers from a new cabinet. So I think the Guardian wants to stay within Westminster. Corbyn mainly relates to supporters in the UK generally. Maybe not so interesting for print journalists. I am not sure how much Guardian income is from talks and courses in King's Cross. Maybe enough to shift the focus towards London. they did cover the joint platform for David Cameron and Sadiq Khan. There was mention of worker rights but not the same case made by Jeremy Corbyn. The Guardian polls put the two sides closer together. Surely there will come a time to report what Jeremy Corbyn actually has to say.

A Twitter search on #InCrowd finds Jeremy Corbyn as top result with a link to the Huffington Post, There is an online scene and then the Fleet Street approach which unfortunately is still setting the news agenda for the BBC and ITV. At the moment I have no idea how to compare the strength of either for voting patterns. I guess turnout could be low as the overall effect of fear on fear is very depressing.

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