Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Buzzfeed is on the case #plot #coup #Corbyn #Blair #Chilcot

I am now running about a day late as I am catching up with other things.

But BuzzFeed is keeping up. Tweets search find this

 3 hours ago3 hours agoThis theory that the anti-Corbyn coup is the work of Portland Communications is absolutely blowing up on Facebook.

Links to Canary story that looks to be well researched. The claim is that Portland Communications is organising more than just a video or a heckle. This might explain why the Parliamentary Labour Party seems to behave with on challenging leader and prefers to vote in secret. It might just be background PR drift without a known leader or plan. who knows but something will become clear soon.

Also on Twitter a clip from the Sunday Politics yesterday. Paul Mason talks about a Blairite coup and seems to know something. Having now watched it all I notice Jo Coburn asks about the Corbyn weakness during the referendum as if iot was a fact. The Today prog refused Dianne Abbott a chance to refute this. Now Cameron has blamed Corbyn in the Commons. Will the BBC allow some space to investigate what actually happened?

Sorry if this blog is becoming a bit partisan. It started as a comment on what happened during the referendum. Now that story is disputed so the blog is about versions of what was covered in the earlier posts.

Paul Mason suggests that Corbyn was opposed to the decision that Alistair Darling share a platform with George Osborne. Maybe someone at the BBC has copies of the emails. As memory serves the consequence was that Osborne used Darling as a defence when the Today prog pointed out that the Brexit Tory MPs would oppose any such budget. So they seemed to be the NHS supporters and Labour the backers of the "catastrophists" as Corby has described them.

Gordon Brown writes in the Guardian

Yet every time migration threatened to become a headline issue, the remain campaign escalated the rhetoric about post-EU doom, and so the extravagant leave claims about migration went unanswered.

Well, is there any research on how the public or Labour voters responded to Alistair Darling? Labour is in trouble but not everything can be the fault of Jeremy Corbyn. See previous posts for why I think his strength in social media is better than the newspapers suppose. Time will tell, quite soon.

Chilcot report mentioned in Commons but no link yet to Labour Leadership Election. My guess is that Corbyn will still be leader when the report is published.

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