Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Instant Rave Update

Watching BBC News around PM Question Time. Corbyn states Labour would not support an austerity budget from Osborne assuming 50 Tory rebels. Norman Smith says this is surprising as Corbyn "supposed to be on the same side" and being "not exactly helpful".

Maybe this explains the sort of enthusiasm Corbyn is supposed to have shown according to the BBC and other comment sources. Should be have backed every Cameron alarm and / or statistic?

Meanwhile I still can't see what Alistair Darling has got out of sharing a platform with Osborne. No distinct Labour message is getting through. but Corbyn seems to be allowing a variety of choices.

I still think the return to Cameron and Osborne upfront could turn out to be a mistake. Not much time to allow a Corbyn presentation as such.

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