Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Huffington Post in Guardian role to work with Telegraph and YouTube

Last night there was an EU Debate on YouTube linked to the Huffington Post and the Telegraph. Both websites had comment options and staff reporting. I found a lot of interest on Twitter.

Before the last election there was a proposal for a YouTube debate organised by the Telegraph and the Guardian. I don't think this ever happened. Not sure why the Huffington Post has taken over the Guardian role. Maybe they work with YouTube in the USA. Maybe they are building enough audience to convince the Telegraph they are a suitable partner in moving online. Personally I find the Huffington Post has a wider range of views while the Guardian sometimes fits the news reporting around the views of star columnists. Gradually if other people get the same impression they lose the basis of hosting a debate.

The Huffington Post has started to upload clips and the Telegraph has a two minute edit ( from 90 ) so the space for comments is there. there are many other YouTube clips that together compare well tith television in my opinion.

By the way, I thought Liz Kendall made an effective case about worker rights and the positive reasons for Remain. I still think the media treatment of Corbyn is a concern and of interest in itself. But just considering the next ten days if Liz Kendall is one of the few people the media will allow live on camera then I hope the clip of record will soon appear on YouTube.

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