Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Joke, please don't rubbish blogs just because of this post

It is just a coincidence. I was trying to think why the Labour coup came at this time. There has been a tweet pointing out that the Chilcot Report is due out soon and that Corbyn will not back off from issues around war crimes should they be in the news.

I was wondering about the Parliamentary Labour Party. Why do they meet in secret? Is there a leader or organisation for what has gone on? I was trying to find the exact quote from the Godfather when who should come on Sky but Jack Straw....

Our true enemy has not yet shown his face

As in the title above, this is not a plot claim just a ramble about things as they turn up.

By the way, Straw has a definite go at Corbyn with stories of scripts muddled in the wind and rain. The myth ( my word, just my guess ) of Corbyn's bad campaign is just being repeated even if the Today prog will not allow time to refute it.

Google search on the quote also turns up this from YouTube, a scene set obviously nowhere near Westminster.

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