Thursday, 2 June 2016

More about Guardian

I thought I might have been a bit unfair about the Guardian yesterday so have paid more attention today. The print version has a report front page about Tim Roache and GMB concerns about Corbyn failing to make a strong enough case. An editorial shows that the Guardian was aware when this issue went to press that there was a speech intended for today. No mention of this is in the news item. Is it possible the Guardian could ask for some advance information? I very much doubt that relations are so bad this is not an option. They could always speculate on the basis of previous statements.

Today I saw some BBC news in a cafe so have checked the Guardian website

Notice that the Laura Kuenssberg issue is much more obvious than a link to the actual speech. The Guardian has a video clip showing the booing and what strikes me is that this clip also shows that Jeremy Corbyn described his speech as about worker rights. This is something that is not obvious if you follow the link in smaller type just above the video graphic.

He also laid out a series of areas where the EU had brought improvements for Britain, from setting standards for cleaner beaches to protecting workers’ rights. 
He argued that the leaders of Vote Leave would sacrifice those rights if Britain left the EU, saying: “A Tory Brexit negotiation would be a disaster for many working people in Britain.”

These are paragraphs eleven and twelve of the report. The Guardian editorial shows some worry about current polling. It is possible for Brexit to win as younger voters and Labour supporters may not bother to vote. The Guardian might consider whether it is all that likely that Labour will campaign on a Cameron platform with Cameron issues. It may be too late but there is still a case for reporting Corbyn directly for what he has to say.

By the way, I have also looked at why Labour must stop booing the media. I just think it is too late to expect much from the Fleet Street press including the Guardian. The BBC is still not in a position to question the news agenda they set. There is a parallel universe online perhaps, hard though it is to judge the scale.

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