Wednesday, 22 June 2016

NY Times has authority to comment on UK press

Heard about this on Radio 4 press review and there was a printed copy in Exeter. Only £2 so compares with the Guardian. You can get up to ten stories a day I think before you need to subscribe.

The link is HERE.

Martin Fletcher used to work for the Times. He knows what he is writing about.

It is often said that newspapers no longer matter. But they do matter when the contest is so close and shoppers see headlines like “BeLeave in Britain” emblazoned across the front pages of tabloids whenever they visit their supermarket. They matter if they have collectively and individually misled their readers for decades.

Much more detail. sample headlines. please have a look.

Now closing down probably till there is a result. I may be losing balance, spending too much time as critic of sources that may be slightly positive in the short term.

Whatever the result there will be a difficult situation. Lessons so far, 

direct access to politicians through YouTube seems to work better than spin through journalists

New York Times good starting point in a world of conflicting claims and unreliable reporting. Even though I subscribe will probably buy another print cop later in the week.

By the way, if you take up the trial sub at a UK trade show you may get a free umbrella.

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