Saturday, 18 June 2016

Pause Mode

The murder of Jo Cox has changed the scene more or less completely. Continuing a blog is not the most obvious response, except that politics never stops and this was one aspect of her life.

I am not going into much detail or raising any new issues. Except to mention that if the dangers of social media can be included in the discussion it is reasonable to also query the role of print journalism.

Yesterday I did a couple of tweets, one to welcome the Guardian website quoting Jeremy Corbyn in full for once, and one to link to Polly Toynbee.  I was surprised to find her words were not in the print version of the Guardian though there was some opinion about not rushing to conclusions. This was before the statement in court that has just been reported. Looking at Twitter also finds the suggested news story is from the Independent with views about how extremist views are legitimised. I will come back to this later when things are a bit more clear.

Meanwhile I will concentrate on video and television. In particular Jeremy Corbyn and how his messages may be filtered.

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