Monday, 20 June 2016

Jeremy Corbyn on Andrew Marr show, notes on reporting

I am not going to break up the full clip into little ones. Partly to save time, partly to encourage you to watch the whole thing. But I will list some timings with sampole text if you want to skip.

5.45 question about immigration

"We have had several years of endless newspaper headlines"

9.27   quote Brendan Cox on far right influenece on immigration debate

13    labour voters will vote leave  suggests Marr

13.40  i am not a catastrophist

My take " non catastrophist " is putting some distance between accepting the economy would have problems after Brexit and the sort of facts claimed by Cameron. On this occasion I think Corbyn did include the full Remain case on the economy.


As reported

SUN front page   just about immigration, can't stop free movement in EU  "We admire his honesty" editorial
nothing about role of newspapers

Mirror can't find anything but there is a quote on worker's rights from Len McClusky (page 7) and an editorial about UKIP / Tory / Leave

Times p12 "We can't curb EU migration, admits Corbyn"  , not much about other policy or worker rights. nothing about newspapers.

then p7 Rar-right groups "are inciting hate" on social media

( excuse me, could there be some reporting on newspapers as such or even those print journalists with a Twitter account? just a suggestion)

Guardian similar to Mirror, nothing about Corbyn I can find. Mostly about Cameron


come back to this to expand and comment later. Assume next week Andrew Marr will again ask the question why Labour failed to make the Remain case. Is Jeremy Corbyn to blame? Could it be that whatever he has to say some media will just ignore it?

Sky News tonight, should be on YouTube quite soon I hope.

No explanation yet on how Channel 4 came to block the Corbyn channel from using his own words. I suggest great care before going on a chat show. Your own phone direct to YouTube could be more effective.

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