Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Video clips for review and comment

Fact and opinion are getting mixed up but I can't see how to avoid this. If you have a different take there should still be something in this blog to contribute to the evidence. We have reached the phase where the story of media and the referendum is being revised as part of continuing ploitics. Personally I think Jeremy Corbyn has constructive things to say. Also by looking at social media I guess that his campaign was more effective than believed by most people in Westminster or working on newspapers. Time will tell.

I have borrowed a couple of clips for upload to YouiTube. It seems the attack on Corbyn is well supported by the news agenda.

Between 1.26 and 1.33 short clip of Jeremy Corbyn and heckle blaming him for the EU referendum result. It has been reported by WikiLeaks that the heckler is a PR professional called
Tom Mauchline.


On the clip it is stated that Corbyn's performance was "underpowered" , no opinion source quoted just a BBC fact.
At some point in time there will be a study of media and the EU referendum. Blog started as Fleet Street in Europe and Cyberspace. this blog will be updated as history is revised. One guess is that Corbyn did quite well in reaching a youth audience and others on social media. this could be tested soon in a leadership election.

Comments welcome. especially links to mainstream media fact checking of the WikiLeaks story. The promotional tweet has 1,172 retweets and  658 likes but the story is not showing up on newspaper websites as far as I can tell at this time.

Dianne Abbott is moved on by Sarah Montague from discussing the Corbyn campaign during the EU referendum  Full clip as mp3 from BBC Radio 4 website, link below. At some time in the future the nature of the media coverage of the referendum will be studied at length. See blog Fleet Street in Europe and Cyberspace for my take, This edit by @will789gb for review and comment. Whether Corbyn connected with a yout / social media audience would be tested by a leadership election , quite possible at the time thjis is written.,

direct link

more mp3 from Today

It seems the BBC follow the Fleet Street news agenda. The reality of Corbyn's campaign is something to come back to.

Meanwhile earlier this evening on Sky News there was trade union speaker defending Corbyn and James Lyons from the Sunday Times speaking against. Not quoting sources , just his own opinion. He may well have spoken to the MPs meeting in secret but I think this role used to be unusual. Then again Fleet Street could soon be running the country as the only political organisation with any stability.

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