Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dateline London , some connection

This is just a blog, great to get some contact with the proper media. I shout at the radio, I add my own comment to a tweet. And every so often there is some response.

Previously I have had a civil conversation with Flush the Blog Please @BlogFlush , a Brexit supporter, so it is possible through Twitter to consider opposing views.

Alex Deane is not the only Brexit supporter to appear. Janet Daly appears and Michael Gove briefly when concentrating on journalism. So Alex Deane is not an isolated voice.

To explain a bit more than I can get in a tweet, recently there seems to be agreement that Russia and bots have had influence in the USA and in continental Europe. Also , partly by implication, in UK and Brexit. Nobody disputing this much as memory serves from last week.

So will someone turn up soon with a different point of view?

By the way I still don't understand what the Russian motivation would be, unless just to encourage a bit of chaos.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Corbyn reporting slips back

Just about on topic for this blog.

Owen Jones on the Marr Show used a tablet when reviewing "the papers" to find tweets direct from Jeremy Corbyn.

I wondered if the speech about "warped and degrading culture" had been reported so later found it at the end of a story about Gove and Weinstein "joke" . Today prog sets news agenda maybe or just why not ignore Corbyn as much as possible unless there is something negative.

Going back to the referendum I still think that Corbyn made a major contribution that was not reported. This now continues, outside the general election rules on balance etc.

Nick Cohen wants leadership to counter Brexit but claims ( now in photo caption of Corbyn online) that Corbyn has spent his career "opposing EU on infantile-leftist grounds".

Well we are in a world of alternative facts. See previous posts in this blog on what I think actually happened during the referendum.

Will Hutton suggests that there may be a turn in opinion about Brexit

Events, along with the implosion of the Conservative party, may convert a small majority to the merits of staying inside the EU. But to seal the deal, there has to be a credible offer of change to the left-behind, white working class and the parts of the country in which they live and recognition of the vital need to shore up threatened identities.
If Remain had done that – and fought as a cross-party coalition putting Britain and its great values above party affiliation – it would have won in June last year. If disaster is to be averted, it must learn the lesson – or leave the field to an increasingly vicious right and decades of fury and self-examination as the country asks how ever it was led to such severe self-harm.
Well, what was Corbyn saying during the referendum and how was it reported? Lord Mandelson and Will Straw spent most of the time following Cameron. When space was made for Labour it turned out to be George Brown. Lord Darling did share a platform with Osborne. Corbyn knocked for pointing out this budget idea not cleared with him. etc etc see previous posts.
If the Remainers want support from Corbyn, why not quote what he said in referendum as a start? The soft coup needed a story but times need another one, closer to truth.


Monday, 23 October 2017

Real News About Newspapers ( draft )

No response so far to my blog post and tweets about the Sunday Times. See previous post on how Marr and Peston promoted me into paying out for Sir Keir Starmer in print only to find he is behind a paywall online. OK only a few hours but I did tweet yesterday so am moving on. Complaint is not just to Sunday Times but also BBC and ITV. I would think someone would tweet eventually. Will broadcast media continue to decide on news as in what appears to be in newspapers? Should they worry at attacks, even if backed up by Conservative MPs? At some point they may start their own news and/or report on newspapers as a situation.

Much is happening. Trinity Mirror may buy the Express group. According to Garry White, Trinity Mirror revenues fell 8% in a recent quarter but profits continue, up 24% for 2016. Apparently cost savings could make a link with Express a good deal. But Sunday Mirror down 22% year on year. Also the Guardian has announced that they will change format away from Berliner to tabloid. Trinity Mirror will do the printing. According to the Telegraph, April circulation 154,000 compared to 341,000 in 2005.

Shutting down the Berliner presses should save millions of pounds per year but could trigger a hefty one-off charge. According to the newspaper's annual report last year, it still owed Lloyds Bank £33.7m on hire-purchase agreements for the presses.

Next week at the NEC there will not be a Man Roland stand as part of IPEX. There was sheetfed at the Print Show in Telford. But the future for newspapers is getting closer to a news event.

Much to talk about though. Short run ( digital ? ) magazines as very local for example.

Sir Keir Starmer has only got  70,000 followers on Twitter. Sunday Times behind paywall about 200,000 ( accurate figures welcome, this is just a draft )

Watch the trends. If about 5x followers his tweets could be news.

Complaint about TV and newspapers - clarity about online paywalls

No response yet to tweets yesterday about the Sunday Times. To be clear, this is a complaint. In theory there should be a response in Twitter form or somewhere. BBC Marr show and ITV Peston both had news that Sir Keir Starmer "wrote" in Sunday Times about votes in parliament re EU. I wanted to check this out so bought a copy of the Sunday Times. I was surprised to find that the actual article was online only. I followed the suggested link to discover it was behind a paywall. Actually I guess there was a link to the article if I could have read all the article I had already paid for. ( If I have just got this wrong please someone send a link, this is just about my own experience. )

Complaint is not just about the Sunday Times. How can TV talk about the "papers" without making it clear what the deal is? Is there a bias? Marr panel finds a story to say that papers are still much read on a Sunday. "Hooray".

Might TV or someone report what is happening with newspapers? Circulation numbers etc. ?

How long will Sir Keir and other MPs bother to write for newspapers if they get this sort of coverage? If online only why not write somewhere not behind a paywall? Why is there a convention that it is only news if somehow associated with paper?

Slightly off topic, Corbyn started to recover public profile direct to camera on own YouTube channel. just my take.

Another thing, Marr claims including Huff Post on tablet shows BBC "not living in 19th century". I checked some dates in Wikipedia. News about this comes slowly, not anytime soon?

Times   1795

Telegraph 1855

Mail 1896

Express 1900

Guardian   1821

Mirror 1903

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Andrew Marr may just be uninformed about Corbyn in referendum

More later this week, just that I fell asleep last night to Andrew Marr on Start the week. Needs a comment a bit longer than a tweet.

He repeated the claim that Corbyn has been against the EU since Tony Benn days. No mention of what he said in the referendum. I used to think the BBC middle ground style of interviews were just winding Corbyn up. Now i think the news management has been so consistent that they really do not remember what happened.

Channel 4 has prevented Corbyn from putting the Last Gasp on YouTube. ( See screenshot in previous posts ) I never see repeats of Sky conversation with young voters. Corbyn as balanced yet persuasive.

Would it be possible for Channel 4 to offer Marr a private showing? Even if they don't want it on Youtube?

By the way, still interested in how it was all decided, to put Brown upfront and Corbyn on Sky. No offence intended, just looking at ratings.

Hello @campbellclaret , are you trying to persuade Corbyn or just have a go at him? Why not point out what he said in the referendum? Trust in media not helped by stories that clash with public memory, even if Andrew Marr is a special case.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

BBC impartiality

Reading Peter Preston response #2

And in Britain, this conference season, there’s a melee tinged with vitriol and violence. Laura Kuenssberg gets a conference bodyguard because of trolling threats after the Canary website mistakenly reported she’d be speaking at a Tory fringe meeting this week. No: she isn’t doing that because it doesn’t fit with BBC impartiality.

Watching Sunday Politics with someone from the Sun, someone who worked for Sunday Times and also Steve Richards for balance.

In the Guardian back in April Steve Richards wrote...." when anyone declares the solutions need to be modern, liberal and on the centre ground, we may nod in assent – but should then wonder what they mean." Problem for me was that Corbyn and most Labour supporters were seen as outside this scope.

Previously Gaby Hinsliff explained that the media did "not hate Jeremy Corbyn, more complicated than that"

And so to many commentators, his victory just didn’t compute. It made no sense. We treated it like a glitch in the system, almost a mistake.

So the soft end of Fleet Street is still fairly close to the Sun / Mail etc in news agenda.

See previous post, reporting on print newspapers as part of the #sackBoris situation is not much to be seen. More complicated as the age profile of Conservative voters / Brexit fans is much the same as for newspaper readers.

Twitter could go off in apparently a different direction.

Fleet Street is Backing Boris

Reading Peter Preston response #1

".....Corbyn and Watson write off Mail and Sun.....Now, can we all move on? "

Well no, not really. this is a continuing story. The papers are players. The hard Brexit leaders in Cabinet are also journalists. May is not frightened of the party membership. The problem would be the reporting in the Sun, Mail, Telegraph. In recent days the Telegraph promotes the major article ahead of Florence. Now there is the interview in the Sun and the claim in Sunday Times that Boris expects May to go. this sort of thing would continue. Maybe Gove will step forward as the balanced Times candidate.

The print news scene is so heavily into Brexit that they are part of the situation to report on. I am not sure what the rest of the pro journalists will do. Possibly the broadcast ones will eventually take a risk and offend the Sun, Sunday times etc.

My guess, chance remark one morning on Channel 5.