Sunday, 22 April 2018

Update on single market and Corbyn

Still looking at newspapers but not much to blog about. also lots of repeats when I do. But there may be news next week re Single Market and votes in Commons.

Quite obscure though, newspapers not leading on this, maybe Brexit is boring or maybe the case for a rethink is going over better than widely supposed.

Sunday Times has a small piece on front page continued  page 2 , policy on Customs Union may change. Mail on Sunday an inside report, there will be trouble if this happens. Notice there is not the welcome you might expect from previously, seems the Mail is as one every day of the week. Not sure about this, not buying papers so often.

Watching Sunday morning telly there was an interview with Nicky Morgan but not much about Labour on this policy. Just my impression but it still seems that knocking Corbyn is the priority for much of the "centrist" reporting. We seem to be heading back to when his leadership started. Maybe I am imagining this but I guess people like Lord Adonis could choose to draw attention to official Labouyr policy on Single Market and make that an issue. I can see why LibDems want to suggest Remainers should vote other than Labour. But if Brexit will be opposed by persuading the people who have supported it so far then maybe Labour is well placed to do so.

I still think Corbyn was effective during referendum, talking about EU as support for environment, worker rights and also discussing policy to support areas with problems around immigration. It may turn out the blog will continue around the same set of topics.

But not looking hopeful from a Remainer point of view, much too metro globalist. Even for a BBC studio.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Has Vince Cable got a point on Empire ?

The Sun attack on Vince Cable suggests he may have a point, not just about racism but an idea of Empire as memory for older voters. Here is a clip of the full remarks.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

During EU referendum, what actually happened? #2 Daily Mail

It may be just me but I think the Daily Mail has gone a bit ott. Maybe I do not read it much so it could be like this all the time. But my guess is they are on some sort of energy buzz. Could be the EU situation or maybe press regulation. Tom Watson is in the spotlight.

Saw Channel 4 News last night with interview Max Mosley. "Treachery" headline on editorial page is opinion from Stephen Glover after recent Corbyn speech. Blames CBI, BBC, Japanese owned FT. Some memebers of the ruling class...."pretty treacherous". So the recent spy claims might just involve a missing fact around a sound opinion.

Anyway, main thing that strikes me is the claimed link on page 12, National Action and Thomas Mair, killer of Jo Cox MP through the slogan " death to traitors, freedom for Britain". At the time as memory serves it was mostly online that such connections were made. The newspapers did not much look at right wing politics as background. Some related issues were given much publicity.

Could Channel 4 investigate the content of newspapers during the referendum? Not just the Daily Mail of course, but given the approach in these reports on Max Mosley there are some reasonable questions to ask.

Page 13 explains that the Daily Mail did end support for the Blackshirts and also mentions comparison with the Express, Evening Standard and the Times.

During EU referendum, what actually happened? #1 Corbyn

Going back in time, follows Today prog on rhetoric and back story.

If the Remain lobby wants Corbyn to front anything, could be time to look at hat he actually said during referendum.

This morning BBC TV Breakfast mentions Corbyn "U Turn" so his support for Remain during referendum may have been forgotten,

Canary has a solid story on main events and a link to a longer one. See the first posts in this blog for more.

What happened with TV ? repeating recent post but seems a bit crucial. Channel 4 News now very keen on open access to original documents. See next post on Daily Mail. Corbyn appears on Last Leg. Uploaded full clip to YouTube. Blocked by Channel 4. I have a screen shot on previous post.

In the future some memoir ot other will reveal what control Corbyn has as leader of the Labour Party at that time. How was it decided for Lord Darling to share a platform with Osborne to announce a threat budget? Was that the style Corbyn would have chosen? anyway rambling on see previous posts.

If by chance anyone has a VHS tape now would be a good time to test another upload. Maybe Channel 4 have a revised policy on social media presence. Or else send it to FT or Bloomberg. Change is coming.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Thank You Adam Boulton but I still think there is a problem

Tweet reply from Adam Boulton lets me know that there was news about Ben Bradley in the print version of Sunday Times yesterday. Page Four top of inside column.

But I count 36 words as well as the headline. I am not surprised I missed it. Also not surprised it was not mentioned in the Marr Show paper review.

Adam Boulton also mentions two pages in News Review but i think this could have been written before the news on Saturday.

Thing is, how to compare the press space based on not very much that turned out to be fact with the actual news of a legal result?

Is there any news about resignation or questions being asked? Apart from talk of online politeness, what about competence? Who is supposed to be promoting the Conservative Party on social media? Has this episode helped?

Anyway if Adam Boulton or anyone is still reading this I would like to ask about how Corbyn was reported during the referendum. My guess is that he still did not influence much of the Labour Party communications or media contacts. The case he made in support of Remain was about worker rights, the environment, things he also mentioned today. Not much reported as I remember. The "Blame Corbyn" phase was well prepared but would anyone go back and look at the facts? It may be that some views have changed, who knows what might be said?

Faisal Islam talk with youth was a good one. Still on YouTube I think. Corbyn a bit rambling but persuasive.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

TV / Radio could investigate newspapers on Corbyn and referendum

Needs more space than a tweet.

Ask again, why not report what Corbyn actually said during the referendum about the EU?

See previous posts. It was positive, it was intended for potential Labour voters.

Fact Sarah Smith said only today that a third of Labour supporters voted Leave. this means that two thirds voted Remain. Not a bad result.

But my guess is that the Blame Corbyn move was well prepared. the media bias has been fed from time to time, possibly with good intentions. Current drift of Labour gets more solid though.

So what is the pressure for Corbyn to move on support for Single Market about? .Observer reports it will "infuriate" Corbyn. Is that the aim? Is there any intention to persuade him?

TV seems to be shifting a bit. @Peston has graphics on newspaper bias during election and also shift from newspapers to social media. Sunday Politics has remarks from @Telegraph on social media, slightly less of a shift.

Maybe somebody would talk frankly about what happened during the referendum? How was it decided that Corbyn got on TV or not? Was Lord Mandelson too close to the City and Cameron? Did this influence anything if so or to what extent?

Why did Channel 4 block Corbyn from showing a clip from  Last Leg on his own YouTube channel?

Were the heckles reported by BBC plants by from Portland and the Lib Dems ?

Not sure who reads this anyway. Maybe 50 people max, but some sort of record.

Bias against Corbyn is massive and continues. Tory MPs on TV today seem to have no idea that smear is negative for them. Newspapers in their own bubble.

If the Single Market lobby wants to get Corbyn to make their case, why not go back to some actual facts?

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Students against Brexit could be more persuasive

Back to this blog from Hello Spiders as Guardian gets more obvious. Trend still for more issues to be part of Hello Spiders, but this bog continues.

By now it is obvious there is a bias in this blog that Brexit is a disaster. It will be reversed sometime. How much damage meanwhile? Will there be a right shift in alarm at how much is disappointing? betrayal where?

But meanwhile how to oppose it. The pro Brexit press seems to me to have lost some energy. The Corbyn as spy series is wierd but may get space as May on security is a bit boring and also complex.

Anyway, my main concern is that the pro Remain journalism is not much better, indeed seems to get more introverted in another sort of way. Today Guardian has story on group of students with a youth campaign.

Trouble is the message to older voters seems to be "please drop dead, there is no chance your opinion will change". Do they really want a result or just get applause from people who agree with them?

Some benefit of the doubt for those in less advantaged regions. "If you voted leave it doesn't mean you're a xenophobic racist, it's that you want change."

My suggestion is that if that is a direction to follow it could be useful to look at what Corbyn actually said during the referendum. Arguments pro EU about working time , rights, environment not reported well. Is the aim really to persuade Corbyn and persuade the voters in potential Labour seats? There are enough Lords and city research units to present the economic damage of Brexit. But in itself who can this persuade?