Monday, 31 October 2016

Brexit Press still doing well, step forward Mail on Sunday

I have done a post in ReadG about suspending dis belief ahead of the Richmond election. The Guardian may do a reasonable job on this sort of thing. Reporting Corbyn can wait as far as print is concerned ( continues as social media obviously , % of 500,000 members who tweet is unknown, also unknown % decline of Guardian print number but in the crossover news is still a puzzle)

Anyway back on this blog the scope has to be based on the part of the political life that is reported. The Brexit Press is doing a thorough job in attacking Tony Blair for example.

But the Mail on Sunday has reported that the price of tea is going up. This sort of thing may get wider interest. Devaluation of the pound has not yet been much of a worry. The Mail on Sunday may just be trying to balance things out depending on how the situation develops. But they seem much more effective than the soft end of the newspaper world. Will there be attacks from other papers on those who repeat facts about the price of tea? Only time will tell.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Miss Speak is not the headline, even for a chaos breakfast, sorry Brexit

More tomorrow on the continuing story of how Fleet Street reports on Europe and how things develop in cyberspace. Seems to be back into much the same as during the referendum but a bit more clear.

Fleet Street always was close to the City of London. Soft and Hard get into a muddle as in either Brexit or pro City. Problem at the moment is that the City may need Labour to get out of Brexit, Tories getting stuck in as it appears. But no sign of this so far. Reporting on what Labour says is still hard to find.

A few links before I close all the tabs for the day. I may be unfair, have now found a Guardian report on John McDonnell. But it may have been online only. I can only say I did read a print version each day this week and cannot remember anything.

Much more interest in chance reference to "chaos breakfast" meaning "chaos Brexit". Picked up by Amanda Platell in Mail and John Crace in Guardian ( print versions ) Only Morning Star mentions content of speech.

Just checked website, Guardian is featuring Chuka Umunna asking questions about Nissan and variable deals. My guess is the Guardian will do more of not reporting Labour front bench and concentrating on people they would prefer, including the Liberalos and the interesting Tories. Trouble is they miss out the news about what happens in Parliament.

Keep searching on Twitter for a complete picture.

Sorry, gone off topic a bit. I did try to shift some to another blog just about the Guardian. But I still think the weakness of the Remain case in print has not been helped by the policy to blame Corbyn whatever happens and whatever the topic that gets wasted as a sideline.

Express, Mail and Sun still doing a fantastic job in their own terms.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Labour Remain top priority could be to blame Corbyn

Recent tweet made me think if we are still in the referendum phase, same political prerssures working on a direction.

Tweet from Labour Remain

I just wonder what priority they have. Was it always to "blame Corbyn" . Just waiting for a good time to launch a way to get a different leader. May explain some reluctance to work too closely with them. 

Not much about all this from proper journalists. There must be some info on what the Labour Remain supporters were up to and how this sort of tweet can continue.

Guardian not reporting Corbyn in Europe

Recent post in ReadG blog noted my impression that Guardian and Observer have now decided to largely ignore what Corbyn actually has to say. This is now confirmed by following up an item that was on a bit of BBC radio news I heard and then seemed not to repeat. Corbyn did speak in the commons after the PM made a statement on visit to Brussels. I have since checked on the BBC iPlayer and know that Corbyn reported opinion he found on his own visit to Brussels and talks to trade union and socialist groups. UK reputation is damaged since May's statements at the Conservative conference. Have a look yourself for more detail.

My point at the moment is that the print Guardian page 2 has nothing on Corbyn at all. There is report on Edward Leigh and Steve Baker, both Tories. Maybe the journalists believe debate between Tories is the most interesting news.

My guess is that soon there will be another Observer editorial demanding that Corbyn is more obvious in his opposition to Brexit. Is the Guardian Media Group ready to report him when he has something to say?

I did check with the Times in a cafe. Patrick Kidd sketch did mention Corbyn, his "ramble" was easy for May to "swat away". But at least there was a mention. Hard Fleet Street has more confidence than the soft end.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Fleet Street Post Geography

Sorry not much posted recently. I have lost track a bit but will update soon. Things may get out of sequence though.

Thinking about a book version I realise my own views may be too strong. I still think Brexit is a disaster. I do not want a second referendum any time soon but I expect opinion to change when the economy damage is obvious. Could take several years. So I will structure any long term test around this probability.

But just to test the ideas, and in the tradition of writing several opinions at once just to wind up the readers, I will think about a positive Brexit outcome. "Post Geography" seems to suggest that UK trade can be global online and things will work out well. Fleet Street itself should be an example. So I will start looking at how this works for the main news organisations.