Monday, 31 October 2016

Brexit Press still doing well, step forward Mail on Sunday

I have done a post in ReadG about suspending dis belief ahead of the Richmond election. The Guardian may do a reasonable job on this sort of thing. Reporting Corbyn can wait as far as print is concerned ( continues as social media obviously , % of 500,000 members who tweet is unknown, also unknown % decline of Guardian print number but in the crossover news is still a puzzle)

Anyway back on this blog the scope has to be based on the part of the political life that is reported. The Brexit Press is doing a thorough job in attacking Tony Blair for example.

But the Mail on Sunday has reported that the price of tea is going up. This sort of thing may get wider interest. Devaluation of the pound has not yet been much of a worry. The Mail on Sunday may just be trying to balance things out depending on how the situation develops. But they seem much more effective than the soft end of the newspaper world. Will there be attacks from other papers on those who repeat facts about the price of tea? Only time will tell.

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