Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Guardian not reporting Corbyn in Europe

Recent post in ReadG blog noted my impression that Guardian and Observer have now decided to largely ignore what Corbyn actually has to say. This is now confirmed by following up an item that was on a bit of BBC radio news I heard and then seemed not to repeat. Corbyn did speak in the commons after the PM made a statement on visit to Brussels. I have since checked on the BBC iPlayer and know that Corbyn reported opinion he found on his own visit to Brussels and talks to trade union and socialist groups. UK reputation is damaged since May's statements at the Conservative conference. Have a look yourself for more detail.

My point at the moment is that the print Guardian page 2 has nothing on Corbyn at all. There is report on Edward Leigh and Steve Baker, both Tories. Maybe the journalists believe debate between Tories is the most interesting news.

My guess is that soon there will be another Observer editorial demanding that Corbyn is more obvious in his opposition to Brexit. Is the Guardian Media Group ready to report him when he has something to say?

I did check with the Times in a cafe. Patrick Kidd sketch did mention Corbyn, his "ramble" was easy for May to "swat away". But at least there was a mention. Hard Fleet Street has more confidence than the soft end.

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