Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Request for online interview, fair use flexibility, and heckle report case studies

OK this blog is getting more like a rave but still more or less on topic. The story of Fleet Street during the EU referendum may turn out to be a mirror image of the story of Jeremy Corbyn, There could be at least three versions already being crafted. A defence version from supporters of Corbyn in the coming leadership election, the attack version from MPs who would accept the decision if Corbyn was elected once more  so this version could be softer and later revise, and then again the attack version from those MPs who would not accept any vote decision and would leave for another SDP or join the Liberals direct saving a lot of wasted time.

Sorry, you will just have to sort out the bias from the facts for yourselves.

Not sure who reads this anyway. A few according to stats but they may be robots. My questions and tweets may not get any response but at least they serve as notes to come back to when the answers crop up somewhere else.

Sticking to the main story, how was it decided that Alistair Darling share a platform with George Osborne and that Gordon Brown should front the phase described as the Labour window in the Cameron schedule? Maybe the BBC has the emails. The impression I get is that many senior party figures have been phoning the leader office with suggestions and their advice not always welcomed. But somehow decisions were made which may or may not have been the first idea that Corbyn supported. So is there any info about this or how the "punishment budget" went down with the youth vote or Labour heartland ?

More recent / current.

Last night I watched Jeremy Corbyn live on Sky and switched to BBC News when they faded him out. The first BBC comment was about the heckle. Also heckle report on the World Tonight on radio. Heckle reports are rare so I am curious as to how this happens. Heckle makes the case that Corbyn was weak in referendum campaign. Same point put to Corbyn supporter on BBC Radio 4. But earlier of Today prog Dianne Abbott was prevented from refuting this sort of thing because we a re "moving on". If the BBC allows people to assert that Corbyn was weak during the EU referendum they should at least allow some time for discussion of the facts. Just my opinion.

Meanwhile on Twitter there is growing concern about Portland Communications. there may be a link with a previous heckle, with Tony Blair, and the destabilisation of the Labour Party. Who knows? But without some fact checking from mainstream media and /or public statements by Portland Communications the developing story on Twitter will gain credibility.

The problem is that now any heckle is suspicious for some. So far not much info about the heckle yesterday evening as reported by the BBC. But maybe someone will look into it. Meanwhile there is again some Twitter interest.

By the way, I am not listening to the Today prog just now, trying to concentrate and avoid typos. I probably will turn on the radio soon. But often I am just trying to work out the spin. For all the dross on Twitter it is still possible one or two tweets turn out to be true.

Anyway, much media is now available for remix or linking. I hope the conversation continues without the mainstream media blocking the archive ( Corbyn prevented from using a Channel 4 clip on his own YouTube channel is rare example otherwise )

Also please send links to reports of heckling. Any studies of how often a heckle is reported? Is there a PR guide on how to promote a heckle?

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