Saturday, 18 June 2016

Has Jeremy Corbyn negotiated the rights to be on YouTube?

This blog is concentrating for the next few days on the nitty gritty of how the media is working out, at least the bits I come across. During the week I was told about Jeremy Corbyn on the The Last Leg and then found it on catch up. Later I found several extracts on YouTube. the official ones seem to have concentrated on the funny bits and the odd dress sense. The bit in the middle where he says what he thinks about the EU was only available for a short time on the Jeremy Corbyn channel. Then it was taken down by Channel 4. Now I guess it has been deleted. Can't find it on his page. So this screenshot is from the archive.

My guess is that Jeremy Corbyn has found it hard to get his message across, not because he has not got a message, but because some media do not want to allow him much space. Possibly he went on this sort of show as one of the available options. It is also possible he just has a sense of fun and enjoyed the occasion, I am now drifting off into BBC balance when no facts are obvious. Anyway I doubt if he imagined before the event that he would not be able to use his own words on his own channel.

Unless schedules are changed it is likely Jeremy Corbyn will be on the Andrew Marr show tomorrow and on Sky News Monday evening. Possibly there will be official clips on YouTube anyway. Possibly unofficial clips will appear. But I am just interested whether Jeremy Corbyn has any rights in how they get promoted or hidden.

Then there is Andrew Neil and his wonderful panel. Can this be turned into clips for comment? I am still a bit puzzled on what in general it is that Jeremy Corbyn has not yet contributed. He is sometimes supposed to lack enthusiasm for putting the Remain case. Followers on Twitter will know he has been consistent. Is he supposed to just support Cameron? Corbyn  can reasonably claim that the Cameron case has been limited to the market and includes too many fantasy facts or at least claims that some people find unconvincing. I will wait and see how this works tomorrow and not speculate on what the criticism of Corbyn will be this time. But I remain interested in how it transfers to YouTube.

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