Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Instant Rave

This blog is wandering off from being a sort of study of how Fleet Street is coping. It must be obvious I have my own bias. This morning not good so far so here is a rave jumble ahead of a calm post coming up.

I bought a Guardian and a Mirror to check the reporting of Jeremy Corbyn speech yesterday. Both have switched to Osborne as the main story. Only the Mirror has any direct quote from what Corbyn said, at the bottom of an inside page.

So the apparent backing off from Cameron and a window for a Labour case has lasted just a couple of days.

On 7 June Polly Toynbee wrote about there "still being time for hope"  in persuading against Brexit but she only mentioned Jeremy Corbyn towards the end -

Will enough Labour people get out there, making the case? Jeremy Corbyn’s contribution has been more saboteur than saviour, dismissing the remain case as “histrionic”, “myth-making”, “prophecies of doom”.

No mention of his arguments based on worker rights or the environment. There has been similar selective quoting by Andrew Neil. The question seems to be why Corbyn has not supported Cameron. or shared a platform. It seems to me quite reasonable for Corbyn to say that the Cameron case is not one he shares, it has not been presented well, the facts are open to question, and the scare direction has had a negative effect.

I still can't work out what Alistair Darling has got involved in. He is sharing a platform maybe but not getting much billing. The on the Today program he was not mentioned till the question came up of how Osborne would get his alarming budget through parliament with 50 Tory rebels. I have turned off the radio while writing this so make your own enquiries how this turns out.

My guess is that there was a Remain panic at the end of last week or at least a look at the polls and a decision Labour could be useful to the Remain case. But two days is not very long, especially if the newspapers ignore what is being said. I can't see how Labour will choose to stay with Osborne.

Still time for the Guardian and other media to report Corbyn directly for what he has to say. Bujt this simple option seems very unlikely.

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