Monday, 27 June 2016

New Phase , misc queries , Guardian

This blog is in a new phase, mostly going back over the information so far. There seems to be  a lot of revision to how things are presented. Or how it seemed at the time.

For example Boris in the Telegraph

It is said that those who voted Leave were mainly driven by anxieties about immigration. I do not believe that is so.

We can go back and look at the newspapers and try to understand what happened.

My own bias is that this result is a mistake. There will be a cost and a revised decision later. It may take many years.

At the moment there seems to be some drift in government but the newspapers are clearly running the country as much as anybody. To understand Boris you have to buy the Telegraph. It still may leave some mystery. Apparently the German BDI has stated that the UK will still have access to the single market. Possibly the retreat has already started from what many people thought was on offer when they voted.

Some queries.

Previous post mentioned a WikiLeaks story about a video heckle of Jeremy Corbyn. I have just done a search on Twitter for "Tom Mauchline heckle"  . It only finds one tweet,

 When lone heckle gets this much media, we smell a rat. Stinker shill:Tom Mauchline, Alistair Campbell's goon.

Apologies for the word "goon". Yes social media can get heated, but then again I cannot find any coverage in mainstream media of whether the claims in WikiLeaks may be true. The clip was used on Newsnight in a Brexit special on Saturday. No mention of the Corbyn speech the same day. So this is a possible case study for digital storytelling. Evan Davis was part of a panel in Exeter during the Radio 1 Academy. Since this blog is now going back in time as well as staying current I will try to find out more about what digital storytelling means.

You would have thought a short interview with Lord Mandelson would be more in the Newsnight style.

Second query, still no response or comment on whay Channel 4 blocked Jeremy Corbyn Official Channel from using his own words on YouTube. With all respect for the last laugh there can be no more obvious evidence for Corbyn dedication to the Remain cause than to be covered in goo, crawl through mud and suffer every Saturday night indignity only to be left without even a clip he can try to promote for himself. Media bias or what?

By the way, he did not advocate uncontrolled immigration. He pointed out that the EU is very unlikely to offer access to their market without free movement of people. Honesty may be a good longterm approach.

I will be moving comment about the Guardian to another blog - Read G . This has been dormant for a while. Mostly about citizen journalism and the way the Guardian has responded. I realise my response to the Guardian is taking up space in this blog out of proportion to the main issues. So in future I can concentrate on the main aspect of Fleet Street - total Brexit and definitely in control.

Final query just in case somebody knows the answer. Lucy Bell MP told the Today program that she resigned because Benn was sacked and that there is no coup plot. Guardian reports ( page 2 ) that 9.59 on Saturday was the time for a report in the Observer. By the way much the same in Sunday Times. Guardian also reports claim by Benn  that he was not the source of the story. So how do these things happen? I get the early versions of print stories in Exeter. Later versions started with the sacking. From the earlier versions I don't see how any party leader could allow the level of dissent implied and it turns out the journalists were not making it up on this occasion. I strongly suggest that Lucy Bell MP takes a look. Also anyone with clues please send a link. Maybe there is a leaked email known to the BBC.

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