Thursday, 26 May 2016

Facts can be true or false or both

Not much change in how the EU debate is conducted but today the Times has a new development of sorts. The Brexit supporters have discredited the source of Remain opinion, such as President Obama. They also invent things as in claiming the Queen is a Brexit supporter. The Sun has not really apologised for this and repeats the basic claim in an editorial. Now the Times  reports that Steve Hilton, a close friend of Cameron ,   believes he is actually a Brexit supporter. Cameron is able to respond to this though the Queen has only IPSO to appeal to. Whether the public record will be clarified depends on the identity of the Sun source, as they claim to have one but about what is not clear.

There was a new event last Sunday when the Mail on Sunday turned out to be supporting Remain. On weekdays the Mail continues as normal. It was suggested during a paper review on the Andrew Marr show that this might be because of the polls. It is a sign that Fleet Street is not of one voice but I think the Mail on weekdays will continue with the Times / Sun and the Telegraph. The Mail on Sunday may be enough to swing opinion with Cameron supporters. It depends how much they refute from during the week.

No sign of Corbyn being reported though. Harriet Harman turns up on television sometimes but no mention of the #InCrowd hashtag. So maybe there is another world online where positive views are on offer. But I can't really find it. If there are longer gaps in this blog assume just continuing fear and innuendo.

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