Saturday, 7 May 2016

Pause after the elections

The Europe debate will start up again soon. there has been a break for the local elections.

Sadiq Khan is the new Mayor of London. He has spoken about hope rather than fear. The electorate in London seems to support this. But it is still quite possible that the Referendum will be decided by a contest in fear. Lord Mandelson has written about the Brexit case moving to immigration as a priority because the Remain case on the economy is frightening enough.

It still seems that the voting will be close. I don't see how Cameron can be too critical of the immigration arguments given the Conservative pattern of behaviour during the London election. It must take at least a month to alter course.

There may be media reporting of Jeremy Corbyn but during the local elections there was mostly a question about how long he would last as leader. I cannot see how the papers will report what he has to say about the positive case for Europe. Another reason I think this will get into fear and not much else.

Trying to find Daily Mail online. I bought one on the cover headline "Jemima's damning verdict on brother Zac's poll disaster" , turns out to be based on her public tweet. Not an interview or something like that. This really will become an online scene, but I'm still following the paper for the scope of this blog.

Thumbs down for Zac  Dominic Sandbrook page 16

Voters are not stupid, even in London. They recognise a smear campaign when they see one; and Mr Goldsmith’s campaign, alas, was precisely that.

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but Thumbs up for Boris  Peter Oborne page 21

Boris Johnson has sped out of City Hall on his bicycle for the last time as London Mayor — but he is now heading like a human missile straight towards Downing Street.

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...he is already loved by the Conservative grassroots, and for good reasons. He is far more in tune with the popular mood than Westminster insiders like David Cameron and George Osborne.
He proved this last month when, in an article for the Sun, he challenged President Obama’s intervention in British politics on the side of the Remain campaign.
Mr Johnson was condemned by metropolitan political commentators, one or two of whom went to the lengths of announcing that his career was over. Subsequent polls have shown he was right and Westminster opinion was wrong: most voters share his opinion that it was none of the President’s business.

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No mention for his support of Zac, nor the variety of reasons his Sun article was challenged.

My guess is that the Fleet Street papers will be back to Brexit quite soon.

If there is not much space for Corbyn there will be very little hope, just fear against fear.

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