Monday, 25 July 2016

Project Tough Love , act four for the "book" ?

As mentioned previously this blog could become a book when there is some clarity about facts and shape. Today the Guardian , well worth reading by the way you never know what it will include , has some opinion from Joris Luyendijk about the benefits of obvious Pain for the UK post Brexit, both for the coherence of the continent and the education of the UK for a European future.

The full text is HERE.

Thing is, there ought to alternative endings just to be fair and just in case.


The euro currency comes to an end. A return to nation states works out well for Europe.


The EU gets closer and deeper. The UK has so many trade deals all over the globe that it carries on regardless. Somehow this sort of globalisation has wide social acceptance.


The City loses any major role in Europe but UK becomes a tax haven for Asia and USA . Not much social acceptance by those outside London but Westminster just continues

Anyway , trying to be more open with this blog. Just think that Project Tough Love is well worth a look.

Any form of story has to have a crunch bit in the middle. It can still end happy though this is mostly in fiction.

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