Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Laura Kuenssberg some added details re Corbyn and Labour

I realise an hour is not a long time in television. Some things are missed out in telling the story of a month or two. But I think the Brexit take on BBC from Laura Kuenssberg last night was missing a few crucial facts around Corbyn and Labour.

I have looked back in this blog to remind me of some dates. I think the time the Remain leaders started to worry was around the weekend 11th 12th June. This resulted in a window for LAbour when Cameron events were not scheduled. The Kuenssberg story thern showed Corbyn from the Last Leg. But this was actually broadcast the week before. Guardian headline on the Monday was that Gordon Brown would "lead the charge". So my impression was and is that the publicity support / TV scheduling around Remain was not doing much to boost Corbyn. The Last Leg option was probably direct to Corbyn, not part of an arrangement from Remain, which seems from most of Kuenssberg reporting to have been very close to Cameron.

There is a clip in the BBC take of Lord Darling in shot when Osborne announces the "punishment budget" but no mention of the shared platform in the comments. If there is to be blame for Labour there should be accurate reporting on who was making the case. Later studies may reveal how the decisions were made. The Will Straw organisation came over as based in the City. It is still unclear what was the role of Lord Mandelson, though he stated his regret at how Cameron came to dominate the Remain decisions.

If the BBC know more about this background, they may do some further shows.

It would still be good if Channel 4 allowed Corbyn to use a clip of his complete talk on his own YouTube channel. BBC can use clips to make their case so why not the full context?

The heckle clips seem to have gone. I think the Tweet take that they were planted by Portland Communications and the Lib Dems is probably correct. Not denied by MSM so far.

But for the archive a clear statement from Lord Mandelson is much more reliable. Corbyn to blame for lost votes. Except that some of the facts are still disputed or presented in various ways.

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