Saturday, 13 August 2016

#nonconspiracy as in #remain and also #corbyn

This is an attempt at some way to explore what may be happening. There is an area that seems to happen but is not reported. Words like "conspiracy" are too vague and there is not enough public info to support them. #nonconspiracy finds quite a lot as a search term but maybe too much. I will also try #remain for the main period of this blog during the referendum. Also #corbyn for the continuing story.

I am still moving some content to the readG blog mostly about the Guardian. They know who they talk to so presumably could report on who is #savingLabour for example. But they choose not to, presumably to maintain a flow of stories. There was no conspiracy to get rid of Corbyn apparently, just a series of coincidences. seems to be some sort of connection with how the #remain campaign turned out.

Apparently Corbyn press relations are improved as part of his own leadership compared with through the Labour Party as in the office that just won a legal case. see Buzzfeed and /or make a guess from what turns up.

This is just speculation but if Lord Mandelson has been considering the "blame Corbyn for lost votes" option for a while, might this have influenced Corbyn's approch to Mandelson's suggestions during campaigns such as the referendum? Will Straw has been included in the Cameron honours so he may have been regarded as close to the Downing Street agenda.

Again, there is no conspiracy as there is little information. Probably there is no need of a conspiracy as in detailed conversations. Understandings exist. The Guardian and the BBC know how to report things.

Anyway this post is to explain possible use of #tags just to try to understand a bit more. It may be that the nonconspiracy around Remain has some similarity to moves around the non coup plot or whatever it was. This is only a blog. Maybe there will be a proper telly prog some time later with full interviews available as an online extra.

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