Sunday, 17 July 2016

Looking back, how did this Labour EU problem get started?

I am going back to the beginnings of the EU referendum to better understand how the result happened and what people say about it. I am currently interested in the Labour Leadership campaign and also the case made against Jeremy Corbyn who is blamed for the Remain case being ineffective.

I have found a Guardian report from July 2015 on the appointment of Will Straw to the campaign. Here is a quote that strikes me as interesting.

Some senior Labour figures fear that an all-party campaign backed by business will do little to help Labour re-engage with disillusioned Ukip voters after the referendum. However, the funding is likely to gravitate to the all-party operation.

Trouble with journalists they rarely say who the source was. But could this view have been shared by Jeremy Corbyn? Who decided what as the campaign went on? How many decisions did Jeremy Corbyn object to? Is there any focus group evidence on what response was to the shared platforms etc?

And how many emails has the BBC got a copy of? Will we ever see some?

Still shifting time focus a bit. I still think Corbyn was persuasive when reported. There will be a positive EU case eventually I think and Corbyn can develop his ideas as a part of this. So going baqck is still valid, what actually happened?

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