Friday, 22 July 2016

Back to Harold MacMillan and EFTA

Starting on updates to the blog after looking back earlier in the day.

24th April post about Harold MacMillan. Query was why he seems to be forgotten even though there is still concern about Churchill.

I have now found some dates around EFTA (European Free Trade Association) from Blackwell Reference.

EFTA could never be a substitute for the EEC, with its population of 170 million and so, only seven months after EFTA came into being in May 1960, Harold macmillan , the British Prime Minister, decided that he would try to take Britain into the EEC. Rebuffed twice by de gaulle , Britain and Denmark finally left EFTA in 1972 in order to join the eec (Portugal also left in 1985 for the same purpose).

So it took a while to get out of alternatives to EEC ( later EU ) and back to negotiation. How far back will the Conservatives travel and will they then start to return? Unfair question probably but I still think this era is less studied than it could be.

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