Friday, 22 July 2016

Clue to when blaming Corbyn was first thought of

Reading the Guardian closely finds this in a G2 story about a Labour split, as in the SDP though there are several recent quotes, some not identified.

Just one for this post

The 1981 defector who doesn’t want to be named says: “The anti-Corbyn side have moved too quickly against him. They never gave him a real chance to fail demonstrably. They’ve been seen off, for now. If he holds on in the leadership ballot this September, a lot of power will accrete to him. A coalition of the [mostly pro-Corbyn] trade unions and all the young people in Momentum would take a lot of Commons seats from any anti-Corbyn party [at a general election].”

So how long has this been going on. What would be a "real chance to fail demonstably". If that is what some are looking for, would they support Corbyn in an election or referendum or just wait to criticise afterwards? Since the people involved are not known journalists have only speculated so we just do not have any idea. But something like this may explain why the Labour campaign for Remain turned out as it did.

Currently there is still mystery as to who is involved in #savingLabour or where the funding comes from. I notice Will Straw has retweeted support for them. I just wonder how the discussion between Stronger in Europe and the official Labour leadership actually went along. The blog   from Stronger In may only tell part of the story.


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