Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Labour Leadership is a rerun story from EU Ref

 Have just heard BBC Radio 4 Today prog on the Labour Leadership election. Conversation between Nick Robinson and Norman Smith. They mention #savingLabour, saying it has only had a fortnight to get together and is promoted by people like JK Rowling and Robert Harris.

In the blog about the Guardian I recently wrote about the Daily Mirror report on #savingLabour that mentioned Dr Reg Race. Recent Mirror stories have not included this but it was not that long ago.

You don't have to use the word "plot" or "coup" , previously mentioned on the Today prog as the sort of words some would find bullying if included in a tweet. Some may consider there is more organisation behind recent events than has yet been reported.

another thing

This is an official #savingLabour tweet. The charge is there that there was no "fight to remain in the EU". So this may come up again.

Interview with Dianne Abbott about this, she was told to "move on" . Heckles blaming Corbyn, both well reported by BBC, turned out to be connected with Portland Communications and the Lib Dems. At least as reported on tweets. So far no fact checking MSM wise as far as I can tell.

So hello BBC Radio 4 Today prog

What do you know about the people and finance around #savingLabour ?
When did you know it?
How do you choose what to tell your listeners?

During the #EUref

What happened?
How was it reported?

And hello Roy Greenslade
you write bias reporting, where is the harm? or maybe this was just a Guardian headline over which you have no control
Harm could include limited effect of Corbyn balanced and sensible views on EU

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