Monday, 18 July 2016

Changing stories, Larry Elliott on "ludicrous" punishment budget

This may be a bit unfair to Larry Elliott but as memory serves the punishment budget was not described as "ludicrous" by most of the Guardian reporting at the time. Today in an assessment of the UK economy post Brexit -,

And change there has certainly been. Osborne has been fired, his ludicrous idea of a post-Brexit “punishment” budget has been scrapped, and the idea of balancing the budget by the end of the parliament rightly abandoned. 

So this is another occasion to ask about the good sense of a shared platform from a Labour point of view. See previous posts or do a search for how Osborne claimed Lord Darling and Labour MPs would support such a budget in a vote and how the Brexit Tories opposed this.  

Also in Guardian some direct quotes from an interview with Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn said: “My message is going to be, as well as having the debate within the party, let’s do some campaigning to reach out to the parts of left-behind Britain that often voted to leave the European Union, and in some cases have turned to Ukip.”

So although time has gone by and we are where we are, the question still arises. What if Jeremy Corbyn had been allowed more influence on the EU Remain campaign? If reported, would his sort of approach have been more effective?

Just a long shot, if the BBC has some relevant emails what are the chances of them becoming public?

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