Friday, 22 July 2016

notes on dates so far

This is a guide for anyone trying to work through this blog so far

started  7 march

16th  march  campbell on newsnight

18th aprill  first  worry about Guardian

24th April  MacMillan

5th may  elections

mandelson on immigration

16th may  corbyn blindspot  definite problem

early June, more Guardian worry

4 june  Gaby

13th june  Rawnsley

15th juned  rave  darling

18th  june  channel 4

25th June    how the news agenda is set  -   heckles etc


the basis of something is there, needs a sort out.
That is why it is creative commons or open. But please send a link.

the book is going as a format. This could become a book later.

from Jo Gedrych timeline just after Brexit result

Will Pollard Unless there is some democracy imagination has limited influence and it may be too late. Storytelling theory assumes this is only act three but this may be fiction.
Like · Reply · 29 June at 11:21
Andy Manson
Andy Manson Please elucidate about story structure. Thanks.
Like · Reply · 29 June at 13:46
Will Pollard
Will Pollard In fiction a story conflict is resolved. In life less so. but there may be another referendum after the damage, then happiness.
Like · Reply · 29 June at 14:05
Andy Manson
Andy Manson Ah. Thanks.
Like · Reply · 29 June at 14:14


yes a blog needs editing, feel free to join in

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