Sunday, 10 April 2016

InFacts and the Cameron problem

Hugo Dixon has written about the troubles of David Cameron and the problem this poses for making the case for the UK to remain in the EU. My own guess is that Cameron is so weak in the case he is making that it won't make enough difference anyway. there is so much pressure inside the Conservative Party that he has moderated any sense of energy a while ago and has not yet adjusted, even if he wants to.

Also I have concluded that the pro leaving press are going to make things even worse for Cameron. they seem not to be bothered about the local elections, they may just want Cameron to be weaker. The Andrew Marr show today had comment from Ian Dale about ten minutes in. Marr suggested the Eurosceptic press have been more vicious than others in coverage of tax issues. The Mail on Sunday has written that Cameron's "greatest danger is that he and his affairs will become the central issue of politics, and the EU referendum will turn into a referendum on his personal future." A few months to go but it seems some are very concerned about the referendum and Cameron is not getting the support he might expect.

InFacts is online and might balance the effect of the newspapers. Their poll of polls suggests things are in balance now. This seems to me to be because the Eurosceptic press is very effective. The BBC is following the news agenda so the question around the HMG leaflet becomes whether it should be allowed rather than what it says. The issues are still coming frominside the Conservative Party but I don't think the media discussion reflects what is actually of interest to most people in the UK. Other parties do have views but they are not being reported.

It will be interesting to see how InFacts works as a site. It needs a lot of hits to balance the papers.

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