Monday, 25 April 2016

Independent Continues Online - search finds Boris and IDS

I have not bought as many newspapers today. The blog is eventually about how things work out online.

Following some Twitter news I failed to find much substance but a Google search on Boris , racist, and IDS came up with the Independent as top result. So they should continue online only quite well.

On the topic it seems to be a possible problem for Brexit to discuss immigration without appearing to be linked to racist ideas. I think the general post imperial stance is also worrying and is not getting as much attention. What is the point of insulting a visiting head of state anyway, whatever angle you happen to choose?

Meanwhile another possible problem for Cameron is the London election. Again there are issues around how the issues are raised. For Toby Young on the Andrew Marr show "playing the racist card" has now become pointing out what others regard as normal. Will Cameron change tack after the local elections?

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