Sunday, 24 April 2016

Let Corbyn be Corbyn

More later on what Jeremy Corbyn has to say about the EU Referendum. For now I just notice it has not been much reported as such He has not got the same view as David Cameron but some comment seems to be along the lines of asking why he has not reached a wider audience with much the same case.

This is complicated I think because the BBC seem to be taking the agenda from Fleet Street and the government ( seen as both pro and anti EU ) . I don't think I am making this up. Peter Preston describes it like this with reference to the Today program .

For every Gove, there must be an Osborne. For every Dave, a Nigel or Boris. For every Obama, a Marine Le Pen. 

This seems about right. Andrew Marr earlier today raised the possibility that a future USA President would have a different view to Obama, mentioning Cruz and Trump. My guess is this is not as likely as some suggest. I don't expect anyone on the BBC to say that some Brexit views are just a bit strange or anything rude about newspapers. Marr also mentioned the possibility that the UK public would respond against the establishement and therefore turn to Brexit. There is no discussion about the ownership of the Telegraph, Mail, and Express.

Things seemed better a few weeks ago when Alistair Campbell was on Newsnight. See previous post. It was interesting that Trevor Cavanagh stated that the Sun view on Brexit would be decided by Rupert Murdoch. As far as I know he lives in New York. Do we welcome his views on the UK? Of course we do not yet know the final line the Sun will take. Sky seems to be working towards a situation in which movie rights can be negotiated one time for several parts of Europe. 

But more likely the only positive case for the EU will come from Corbyn. There is some reality to claims about "project fear" . Cameron will probably continue to warn of economic dangers and the Brexit warning will be about immigration. So the Today debate will be about who is most frightening.

My guess is that if the polls get close someone will decide it is time for Corbyn to speak directly on television. Chances of newspapers reporting him as he is are not very high.

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