Monday, 18 April 2016

Focus on the Guardian

This post will be revised as I am way behind again. Also I am not sure of what I am suggesting but there is enough to try it. The blog form is a draft most of the time. Please comment if you are getting a different impression.

Last week I thought that Jeremy Corbyn was reasonably reported on the BBC but not so much in print. He seemed to have gone though by the weekend and the BBC took the agenda from the papers.  "We all know what Jeremy Corbyn thinks" said Nick Watt on the Sunday Politics , to my mind as if this has already been decided in the media whatever he actually says.

Interesting that he put the whole event as video on Facebook and also made things clear in several tweets.

Notice this is consistent with what he already says, not a repackage of the Cameron view. So maybe he is not performing his role of reaching out to the young for the worried centre.

The Guardian today ( I am going to work backwards later) has an opinion from Matthew d'Ancona that claims "Though Jeremy Corbyn’s declaration in support of Britain’s membership of the EU was front-page news, David Miliband’s intervention last week was more significant as an exemplar of the urgency and impatience that has been missing from the remainers’ rhetoric." Two problems with that. I am not sure Corbyn was front page news in the first place. Secondly his rhetoric will only appear urgent if it is reported for what it is.

Meanwhile online Roy Greenslade is claiming that it is the press setting the agenda.
The undeniable fact is that the leave campaigners are setting the agenda with their noisy propaganda across the majority of the national press.
My guess is though that this agenda is only of much interest to Conservatives in Westminster and the journalists who mostly work for conservative titles. There may be a conversation about something else in social media. Quite possibly most Guardian opinion would rather write about David Miliband than Jeremy Corbyn so the option of writing about the Brexit journalism as if it was odd will not appeal.

FACT. Jeremy Corbyn opens accounts for Snapchat and Instagram. Guardian bottom of page 5.

You will know that the Remain case really is in trouble when Jeremy Corbyn is allowed on live television to state his case directly.   

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