Sunday, 24 April 2016

Is the Mail backing Boris?

When I started this blog I thought the Fleet Street views would be fairly uniform. "Fleet Street" as in papers backing Brexit. But there are still a few weeks to go and there may be a shuffle. I am not sure about this, just noticing things that may be there to return to.

I am sure the Mail has a source for the way Boris is quoted on the front page, but it seems just a bit hard to maintain. "Boris Rage" then a description of President Obama as "wierd" and "ridiculous". Within the UK media some views can survive just through repetition in a closed world, but the President of the USA is reported in different media and is also able to make statements. The Brexit approach to discredit a source they don't like may not work out.

So it is interesting that the Mail on Sunday also asks the question "Has Obama Busted Boris?", article on page 29 by Andrew Gimson. Starting with the question why Boris got into a dispute about busts in the first place. "The answer is that as well as being a politician, he is a journalist and he needed to find an intro to his article which would grab the readers' attention." ( By the way I am not convinced by the claim that Boris was "short of time" but you can read the whole article online )

The bit I do want to quote is this

"For Boris has never set any store by the pedantic virtue of getting his facts right."

This may not be a surprise for Guardian readers like myself but it is a surprise to find this in the Mail on Sunday. It may be a sign of things to come. Will the whole of Fleet Street stay united? Only time will tell.

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