Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Is Cameron on WhatsApp a genuine Sun story?

More on this tomorrow, just some notes as things turn up.

There is mention on Sky and BBC News on TV that the Times has apologised for not reporting Hillsborough on Page One in first editions. As far as I know no apology from the Sun.

For the purpose of this blog what interests me is why they think the story about Cameron and WhatsApp is interesting anyway. It seems to be based largely on opinion. the "scandal" headline is supported by a quote from David Davis MP "Attempts to avoid the Freedom of Information Act......will lead to scandal and embarassment."  The evidence is a source who said "There's a big group with them all in it for planning and sharing news links." This source is not named but could possibly be someone also close to government. Three ministers are named as WhatsApp users but what is proved by this.

Vote Leave CEO Matthew Elliott is quoted "Not only are David Cameron's taxpayer-funded spin doctors running the 'In' campaign, they have now been caught trying to hide their secrets from the public."

Well it is government policy to stay in the EU. Is this news? What do you expect Downing Street spin doctors to be doing?

If there are any secrets some clues would add to the substance of the story. If there was something similar "before the election last year" then what was it and why was it not reported at the time?

The Sun story has been credited and repeated in the Mail and Telegraph. Maybe more but these found online so far. Will any of this be on interest online for a global audience? Probably not but I will try to follow. The Sun story about the Queen and Brexit certainly was such a story. Still waiting for IPSO to take a view. My impression though is that the Sun will need to be more careful in their choice of news presentation. Even if other Fleet Street papers repeat their exclusives there is now a wider context.

Any feedback welcome, especially online views from outside the UK. Assuming this Brexit thing is still interesting.

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