Monday, 28 March 2016

Times balance on Boris

A short post here around an opinion on Boris Johnson I heard through Radio 4 press review. Things are not as one sided as I first thought. The "Brexit" press is not of the same view all the time. Previously it seemed that the Boris challenge to Cameron had some wide support but Matthew Parris has raised doubts. " A careless disregard for the truth is not funny". Can't quote any more as it is behind a paywall. Not sure how this would work. you can find the into HERE.

There is reference to the Treasury Select Committee where Andrew Tyrie asked several questions about various claims Boris has made about the EU. There may be more of this as the referendum discussion continues.

Without quoting again, I do notice that in some remarks about future Tory leadership there is no mention of Michael Gove. He may be mentioned in a future column. I still think the Brexit energy comes in large parts from newspaper groups.

This blog is not going to cover everything. Suggest you try a few search terms if you need detail. Next concentrated set of posts when President Obama visits Europe. There is already some objection to his saying anything at all so interesting how it will be reported.

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