Wednesday, 16 March 2016

IPSO as Brexit reporting , Newsnight scope

Newsnight has put the whole item on YouTube, official. Took a while to get to the Sun story about the Queen. At which point the BBC host announced that Trevor Cavanagh could not comment about this as he is on the board of IPSO and there is a continuing investigation. "I'd love to answer that but I can't" added Trevor.

I have left a comment with my info as far as I know that the Guardian and FT are not part of IPSO. So IPSO is mostly the papers Alastair Campbell lists as being just a bit one sided pro Brexit. Will anyone ask questions about this? Might Newsnight look into it?

See previous post for  comment on Alastair Campbell blog.

By the way as memory serves Steve Wright in the afternoon once told us that the EU has recognised fish and chips as a UK dish but because of the regulations associated you have no choice about salt and vinegar they are part of the standard. This was described as a "factoid". As a bit of balance could they do the show from Brussels for a week?

If I made this up somehow in my memory please let me know. Also any info re IPSO most welcome. Will the investigation take so long the referendum will be over?

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