Monday, 7 March 2016

Introducing this blog

Why another blog? should I be updating the previous blogs?

Thing is that the EU debate in UK is getting interesting. Not the content, an exercise so far in who can imagine the greatest danger. But the Fleet Street mainstream seems to me to be so over the top that it may get itself into question. Not the Daily Mirror, Guardian or FT. they each have a niche where things are more or less sensible.

But the others have fairly recent experience of  a general election in which Miliband was monstered in effective manner. They seem to think they can continue this sort of approach on Europe, a land of immigrants chaos and benefit claims.

More detail later. I have started to spend money again on newspapers.

Of course this outline scope is just a guess. If UK actually leaves EU then some of us will need a cyberspace equivalent, either an archive or imagined future.

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