Sunday, 1 October 2017

Fleet Street is Backing Boris

Reading Peter Preston response #1

".....Corbyn and Watson write off Mail and Sun.....Now, can we all move on? "

Well no, not really. this is a continuing story. The papers are players. The hard Brexit leaders in Cabinet are also journalists. May is not frightened of the party membership. The problem would be the reporting in the Sun, Mail, Telegraph. In recent days the Telegraph promotes the major article ahead of Florence. Now there is the interview in the Sun and the claim in Sunday Times that Boris expects May to go. this sort of thing would continue. Maybe Gove will step forward as the balanced Times candidate.

The print news scene is so heavily into Brexit that they are part of the situation to report on. I am not sure what the rest of the pro journalists will do. Possibly the broadcast ones will eventually take a risk and offend the Sun, Sunday times etc.

My guess, chance remark one morning on Channel 5.


  1. May surely should be frightened of party membership. 81% of ConHome backed Boris article, said he wrote what needed to be said.

    In Frank Luntz polling, not one Tory member wants May to stay.

  2. Thanks for comment, I still think the newspapers are part of the political situation but not reported as such.