Wednesday, 27 September 2017

brief comment on Media Show, trust in BBC News

Longer than a tweet but no time for full post, listening to radio in kitchen, need to get back to food.

Media Show has a worry about trust in Sun, Mail etc and includes BBC.

Concern about views on Laura Kuenssberg.

Just sticking to why there is a problem for some, recap from previous posts.

The "blame Corbyn" option seems to have been with some in the PLP and others ever since Corbyn elected

Corbyn did not seem in control of Labour campaign during referendum. When Cameron media policy decided to make space for Labour, it turned out to be Brown and Darling in the news.

Norman Smith reported Corbyn objecting to Osborne / Darling doom budget. As memory serves he said "Not exactly helpful. they are supposed to be on the same side." Excuse me, if someone from the House of Lords arranges a gov of nat unity the leader of the opp is allowed to say it was not cleared in advance.

The TV spots Corbyn managed to get included Last Leg on channel 4 but they blocked him from using the clip on his own YouTube Channel. Is it too late for this to be corrected?

"blame Corbyn" continued with closing press release from Will Straw. Connects to two heckles reported by BBC. Through twitter I gather that one was connected with Portland, the other with the Lib Dems. I believe this as there has been no contradiction. Not corrected on BBC as far as I know.

How many other heckles from 2016 were reported on BBC main TV news? My guess is zero.

During recent election I thought Laura Kuenssberg interview with Corbyn could have been reported as a stronger emphasis on importance of jobs and EU market. I thought BBC fed the newspapers with emphasis on free movement of people as an issue. When the Conservatives edited it as an attack ad I do not remember any BBC statement objecting.

In her TV doc on the Brexit referendum Laura Kuenssberg managed to show the evidence to "blame Corbyn" without spending time on Lord Darling or Brown. I realise time is tight on such a show but i hope there will be a return to this topic. What actually happened? What choices were made? Would the result have been different if Corbyn was reported for views on worker rights, environment etc. and backed by Labour organisation?

more later, back to the kitchen

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