Sunday, 29 July 2018

Canary Story basis for long format next May

The Trump and Brexit story has been coming together. Still some missing bits on possible Russia connection but a lot on social media advertising. I still think the newspapers had more influence in the UK than is being mentioned at the moment. But some comparison stats my yet turn up.

The Canary reports on UK response to a Reuters report that Steve Bannon intends to be active in EU elections next year. and that he is in contact with Boris, Gove and Farage. Canary notes that Dan Hodges has reservations about the links. He tweets " What the hell are Johnson, Mogg and Gove doing palling around with this guy. Johnson and Mogg I can sort of understand, they're just opportunists. But Gove? ".

This blog can look back on what different people have said since Brexit started. The gap between official and unofficial Leave campaigns was not that great as reported. Gove has worked as a Times journalist, including a Trump interview.

Probably UK will be out of EU in time for the elections. But still plenty of media comment, one would imagine. Possible news angles to rework previous posts as background.

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