Wednesday, 10 May 2017

More on Corbyn tilt

I still think that Corbyn yesterday was opening up a possibility of an option very different to the May offer. It is clear enough he has a priority for jobs and the economy rather than limits on immigration. But today there is hardly any of this coming through. Channel 4 News last night emphasis on muddle in a very short item. Mail editorial just mentions the number of questions and "utter confusion". Guardian has nothing at all that I can find, even in an editorial about Corbyn.

I still wonder about the Remain lobby. they could work with Corbyn and explore the differences with May. They seem more concerned to just bash Corbyn without examining what he is saying.

May is getting away with claims to be the better negotiator without revealing what she wants to negotiate. Is it to leave the market then expect the same benefits somehow else? Corbyn clearly sees that someting must be discussed to protect jobs and economy. There seems to be no questioning on May or Conservatives as to any detail of their position. Negotiation in secret was the claim but she has decided on an election in the middle of all this and some would expect a full discussion.

Also still not much comment on why the election was decided on. Negotiations will be upset by the tone of the election. "They started it" says Andrew Marr about the leaks and comments from the dinner. But it seems to have been timed to escalate for the local elections. I bought a Telegraph to check their reporting on Corbyn. Found a Con Coughlin article about Macron and his "anti-British vendetta". I can't see how this sort of line can be mellowed back after the election. Do they want a sudden exit with no deal? Would someone at least ask the question?

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