Tuesday, 9 May 2017

BBC may ignore their own scoop, Corbyn tilt on not Brexit

Alex Forsyth on BBC News TV channel suggested it was a sign of more muddle but I think the Corbyn take on Brexit negotiation is a bit of hard news well worth exploring. I have never believed the claims that Corbyn was not pro Remain during the referendum. See previous posts. It is fair enough that Labour accepts the referendum while pushing for market access. It seems to me to be wrong to claim that Labour and Tory policy on Brexit is the same. As claimed by Andrew Marr when interviewing Corbyn and also by John Pienaar on Radio 5 Live this morning. Pretty clear that May is concerned about immigration, repeating promises that so far are unlikely to be kept but presumably remain a priority. Corbyn mentions industry, jobs, market access. When he talks about discussions the next question could be what else he might agree to in order to get market access.

Unfortunately the reporting from Remain sources looks unlikely to follow this up. The Guardian website is looking for more muddle evidence.

InFacts has just ignored it as far as I can tell. I can only conclude that knocking Corbyn is the main concern. For the 48% to change anything they need to be persuasive. There is a debate inside the Labour Party at a local level. It needs some space, some reasonable reporting, and probably more time than available in the next few weeks.

Anyway back on the main topic of this blog. The main Fleet Street newspapers are doing really well. Guardian result Remain voters shift to don't know and confused, maybe this is what they intend not sure. Long shot, FT may share Corbyn concern for jobs and provide some accurate reporting of what he says together with analysis.

Meanwhile still no comment I can find on why the election is happening or whether anyone thought about the downside of the Brussels bashing let loose in the papers and Downing Street.

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