Friday, 29 June 2018

Express take on May and EU, #Reach seems to be curating legacy ok

Recently there was an OFCOM check on how the Reach ( previously Trinity Mirror ) approach to the Express would diminish a plurality of views in UK newspapers. OK so far seems to be the result. More on another blog probably but not sure which one. Come back later..

Today print version of Express leads with "tough-talking" May on EU "risking lives" by not agreeing to her ideas on security.

Page five, third to last para, May added " we will be bringing the Cabinet together within the next week". Other reports have suggested this is quite important as news because the EU cannot work out what the UK priority is until there is more clarity. Readers may miss this bit as there is a headline for Brexiteers who urge "talk trade or quit negotiations" with a photo of Rees-Mogg. They expect a trade deal to be sorted soon as if the £40 billion is not linked to the transition phase.

Reach doing a solid job. No grounds for complaint.

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