Monday, 24 July 2017

Alternative Facts and Alternative Spaces, newspapers and Twitter / YouTube

This post is just about on topic for Brexit. Mostly about student loans as this is the aspect most newspapers and radio / TV are concerned about. Corbyn on Marr showtalked about much else including access to European markets. But anyway, another time. The main relevance is how the papers still think they can make things up. sorry. I am going to be more balanced. The Mail is reporting broken promises, gullible students soforth. Here are two screenshots from tweets.

And here the source material

Do your own search to find how this NME statement and Marr interview were reported.

My guess is that the newspapers are just concentrating on their older readers. There seems to be more of a gap around 45 or 50 , people who get alternative facts from social media and /or newspapers. Not sure about this but will see what else turns up.

Back on topic for this blog, still finding claims that Corbyn did not put energy into Remain case during referendum. Main aim of this blog to record what happened during referendum and 2017 election. How did this Brexit decision happen? Media stories against Corbyn still a large part of the explanation. His case for Remain was not reported, any more than what he said about EU on Sunday.

By the way, have you come across much press comment on David Cameron role in the referendum? not that long ago but seems to have slipped off the agenda.

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