Saturday, 3 June 2017

Telegraph, Oxford Internet Institute, fact check please

Yesterday I tried a tweet to Oxford University. No reply. Today a bit more time on Google and I find "Political Bots" a project at the Oxford Internet Institute. Top two stories are that a) Labour is dominating the election conversation on Twitter b) one in four links shared is from a bot not "professionally produced news".

I still do not know the report on which the Telegraph front page story was based  ( No 50,397 Friday 2 June) in which it is claimed that Labour is boosted by fake social media accounts. This blog post is an extended tweet to ask for more info. Links please, refs for reports if they exist in print or academic formats.

Is it possible the two stories have become edited together somehow? There are bots and there are Labour supporters but no original source that the Labour support messages are from bots.

What is "professionally produced news" ? Is it just newspapers? are blogs included even if a bit hobbyist?

Any research on advertising? BBC news report on edited clips of Corbyn video promoted as adverts. Any info welcome.

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