Sunday, 18 September 2016

Bloomberg television, how to link in a blog?

I am starting to rethink this blog and how it can work with television. I have not updated the YouTube playlist but may start on this soon. TV is tending towards clips, some just loaded up by the publi9c some from official channels. It is ok to embed these in a bloog but they are not always available. I was very interested in an interview with Jeremy Corbyn on Bloomberg this Friday morning ( UK time ). Anna Edwards did a very straightforward interview, allowing Corbyn to answer the questions and explain his policy. An interest in jobs but also worker rights. Then it cut to the studio and Francine Lacqua asked Lord Bilimoria if Corbyn should resign. Answer was yes he should as he had been "invisible, ineffective" during the referendum. Couple of main issues. Is it ok journalism not to offer Corbyn a chance to comment? (He may not even know how the broadcast suddenly switched ) But the main one is this line about blaming Corbyn in any way true? I think not, but whatever you think should Bloomberg offer some sort of context? Now I think about it there is a third issue. If the business community want bUK opinion to shift in favour of something like the EU, access to the market for example, is there any aspect of Corbyn views they might consider as legit for a TV audience? My impression was that Cameron was largely responsible for the #remain defeat because he said almost nothing about worker rights, only threats to the economy. The media went along with this and I do not think Corbyn was reported. Anyway, more on this if I could find the clip somewhere. I have it on a VHS tape so there may be a way for me to upload it. But is this legal? Better if Bloomberg put it somewhere. Guidance welcome.

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